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Individual Training Courses

Shooter on site! Do you know what to do in an "Active Shooter" situation?

Room Defense Readiness Course  

Shooter on site!!! The threat is imminent, now what? Your lockdown policy may not be enough!


"Free" for Teachers, School Staff, Pastors, and Church Volunteers.


We will cover the following:


  • Who is an active shooter/killer, understanding the behavioral indicators

  • Immediate Action Plan. Do you have one?

  • Lock Down Procedures. Is that enough?

  • Your Personal Room Defense Plan.

  • Law Enforcement Interaction Preparation

  • Hemorrhage Control Equipment Review

All participants will receive a Free medical gift just for attending and participating. Sign up today and bring a friend, co-worker or family member. Minimum age requirement is 18 years or older.


Average EMS response time is 8-12 minutes! Stop the bleeding!

  Medical Trauma Course-(SA/BA)  

This informative one day course will teach you the primary basics of utilizing our medical immediate action followed by our MARCH concept to treat a team member or loved one who has become injured. These medical life-saving techniques are highly encouraged for personnel who carry on a regular basis and vital for their family members as well. Learn how to use your IMTK- Individual Medical Trauma Kit. 



Course Objectives:

  • Immediate Action Options

  • Primary Patient Assessment  (MARCH)

A. Massive Hemorrhage Control
B. Airway Options
C. Respirations
D. Circulation
E. Hypothermia

  • CPR & AED Training

  • Hemorrhage Control Drills

  • Splints & Fractures

  • Medical Scenarios and Stress Management Exercises


Participants will also get CPR & AED Certified


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Shoot Effectively to Stop the Threat and Save Lives!


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Active Shooter Critical Handgun

This is a live fire firearms training course dedicated to any concealed carrying individual who needs to learn additional firearms techniques that pertain to carrying concealed or stopping a potential violent threat in a crowded environment similar to a church, school or business


Course Objectives:

  • Fundamentals of Safety

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting

  • Drawing from Concealment

  • Drawing to the Tuck Position

  • 3 Types of Handgun Reloads

  • Loading and Unloading your Handgun Safely & Properly

  • Triple Taps

  • Head Shots

  • Shooting on Reactive Steel

  • Shooting with Bystanders Present

  • Stress Management Drill

  • Introduction to Hemorrhage Control Equipment

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