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We have several options for your school, church, or business. Thank you for considering us.
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Our Services

Onsite Active Shooter Readiness Training


Our Active Shooter Readiness Courses are available for your onsite needs.  All we need is a classroom, TV/Screen, and a willing audience. We offer different services for you to choose from. Combine them all together for a full day of training at a discounted rate or just select the course best for your staff or location.



Course 1- Active Shooter Readiness & Situational Awareness- 1.5hr

  • Introduction

  • FBI Statistics

  • Learning from previous case studies

  • Situational Awareness

  • Understanding the behavioral indicators

  • Immediate Action Plan. Do you have one in writing?

  • Lock-Down Procedures. Is that enough?

  • Room Defense Plan

  • Intro to Hemorrhage Control Equipment

  • Law Enforcement Interaction


Course 2- Stop the Bleeding & Treating Gun Shot Wounds- 4 Hours of Presentation & Practical Exercises

  • Priority Assessment

  • Direct Pressure Techniques

  • Tourniquets

  • Hemostatic Agents

  • Occlusive Dressings

Need Site Specific Scenario Training?

This training is specific to your location. We will set up scenarios that may be relevant to your location and get your staff involved on how to implement the required procedures to identify a potential threat, sound the alarm, identify the attacker, stop the attack, secure the area, identify victims, render aid and law enforcement interaction. 

Cost for the above courses may vary from $500-$1000 plus mileage and additional expenses if applicable. Combine any above course for additional savings. Special discounts and incentives for churches and schools.

Onsite Assessment


Do you know what vulnerabilities your facility may have? Its difficult to build a safety program when you haven't had a thorough assessment of your facility. The cost of the assessment is normally $500 for a half day and $1000 for a full day plus mileage and expenses. Length of assessment is determined on the size of the location. Assessments are not required but highly suggested. Here is what we will do for you:


  • Conduct a thorough readiness evaluation and questionnaire.

  • Complete an on-site walk-thru and expose all your vulnerabilities.

  • Review your Emergency Management Plan.

  • Review or implement an Immediate Action Plan to prevent onsite attack or violence.

  • Review or implement a medical responder plan.

  • Review your room defense procedures in the event of an imminent attack.

  • Review or implement a volunteer deadly force policy and equipment requirements.

  • Review or implement your Law Enforcement Interaction plan.

  • Implement and suggest several training courses.


Our priority is to expose any vulnerabilities you may or may not have in a detailed report with pictures and suggestions to make your location a safer one.

Church Safety Team

We have the experience to help you start and train your own church safety team. We currently supervise and train over 48 volunteers for our safety program at Family Fellowship Church in Greenville, Texas, under the direction of Pastor Paul Blue and Steve Johnson. Please feel free to contact them for an outstanding reference! Steve Johnson:


If budget is an issue, find a sponsor, turn it into a fundraiser, or get parents/participants to contribute. Many parents or members have offered to pay for this course because the safety of all the children or congregation is important. That price is nothing compared to the cost of any human life. Thank you for understanding.

  Safety Review and Program Assessment- 2 to 4 Hours

  • Understanding HB 981

  • Setting up your Volunteer Teams

  • LTC Open Carry Policy for Volunteers & Members

  • Liability Insurance. Are You Covered?

  • Deadly Force Policy

  • Radio Communications & Surveillance Cameras

  • Observation and Vigilance Procedures

  • Who is the Primary Principal

  • Understanding Hard Rooms & Safe Havens

  • Immediate Action Plan

  • Room Defense Plan

  • Appropriate Training Courses

  • Medical Trauma Equipment

Our Cost!

Our service fee's are very reasonable when you consider the value of human life and/or the responsibility of protecting your staff. Statistically, active shooter incidents have occurred 49% of the time in work environments. Other organizations are charging $750-1000 for these courses with nothing but data. Our cost is based on number of classes, class size, location of class and travel time. 

Private Courses for Your Staff


We can do a private group course during the week, which is very popular. A Friday would be ideal but not required. Many organizations are training their own staff to handle onsite violence. So should you!

Texas License To Carry Course

Minimum 4 students at $125 each, or 6 students or more at $100 each

Armed Responder 1 Day or 5 Day Course

Minimum 4 students at $150 each, or 6 or more students at $125 each.

If you have 8 or more paying students, the group coordinator trains for free. Let’s look at some dates and we can set up the online registration link and send an email flyer for you making the entire process very simple. 

Some additional expenses may apply such as mileage or drive time depending on location


Train Your Own Active Shooter Response Team


Many organizations are understanding the critical need for onsite self-protection. Let us help you select, train, and equip your own onsite response team. Many companies are training their own active shooter responders trained to stop that threat and treat any victims. 5-day course with a minimum of 4 students or more. Click the button below to know more!

Companies we have trained!

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Additional references available upon request!

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